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Training for all children up to and including Under 10s is on this Saturday as usual at 9.30am, at Symington’s Rec off St Mary’s Road. 

However, as usual with the weather the way it is at the moment, please keep your mobile handy in case the weather overnight makes the pitch unplayable in the morning and we need to text you to cancel all training, but otherwise please assume training is on as detailed above.
Please remember to bring boots, shin pads, plenty of layers, gloves, a hat and a water bottle for your child.
Here are this weekend’s matches. Please support if you can. 
Team Opposition Date Kick off Location Manager

(To confirm still playing)


Under 7 s Aylestone Park Sat 16th Mar 11.30am Saffron Lane,  Leicester, LE2 6TG Mark
Under 8 s Fleckney Athletic  

Sun17th Mar





Fleckney Recreation Ground, LE8 8BE Trevor


Under 8 s



No match  






Under 9 s Harborough Roosters Sun17th Mar 10.30am At home




Under 10 s


Corby Stewarts & Lloyds Lions Sun17th Mar 09.30am

Pitch 4

North Park,

NN16 9JT



Under 10 s



No match       Jonathan




Corby Utd Sat 16th Mar ?  




If your child hasn’t been registered for one of these teams but they are interested in joining a team then please speak to the relevant Manager.
Race Night, Good Friday 29th March, Conservative Club, Fairfield Road, Market Harborough. £10 each. This is being organised by the Seniors, please contact Kelvin for more details, phone no. above.
THE END OF SEASON PRESENTATION is now likely to be on Saturday 27th April, 1pm to 4pm. We will confirm this as soon as we can but please note this probable change to the date advised at the start of the season.
Please don’t throw away your child’s old boots and/ or shin pads, bring them to us, hopefully we can recycle them to another child and you may even be able to get some different kit to fit your child too!
Our current stock of boots if you are in need is: Size 10 x 3, size 11 x 1, size 12 x 1, size 3 x 1, size 4 x 1 and we also have a pair of size 3 football trainers.

Black beanie hats with the Borough Alliance logo embroidered on are always available at £6 each. If you want any other Club kit please speak to Mark to get an order form with a list of prices. We would just stress there is no obligation to buy any kit and it is all sold at cost. Team strips will continue to be provided by the Club as required for leagues and competitions.

We appreciate it might seem early to be thinking about this already but we will shortly have to advise the relevant leagues of the teams we would like to enter for next season. Please confirm as soon as possible if your child would like to (continue to) play in one of our teams.
And finally, but by no means least: CALLING ALL WOULD BE JOSE MOURINHOS (or whoever your idolised Manager may be) ! We need more parents to volunteer to help coach please, especially in the Under 7 and Under 8 age groups, as will be next season. If you are able to help you would not be left to your own devices, there are plenty of us around to assist, and we are also happy to get you on a Level 1 Coaching course in advance of next season if you wish. So please speak to us now so we can give you all the necessary preparation, you’ll love it, it really is great fun and so rewarding…and it keeps you warm on the cold days! Just text, email or speak to one of us at training. Thanks.
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