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Saturday Morning Training



Don’t miss our last general training session for this season, see you in the morning at 9.30am!  Under 7s will continue to train until the summer holidays.

However, please also note that if your child plays in a team their Manager may be in contact with you over the summer break to organise some pre season team training.


End of season presentation, Sat 26th May, 3pm to 5pm or so: Hopefully you know about this by now but if not please see the attached and either complete that, text or email by tomorrow, to confirm whether or not your child can attend.

All players are invited to this finale of our season, our awards presentation. All players attending will receive a medal for their efforts this year and there will also be individual awards for players in each age group who have excelled in various areas. This will be at Market Harborough Rugby Club, by the Leisure Centre. All players are asked to come dressed in trousers, shirt and tie and will also receive a meal and entertainment. A parent or guardian is required to stay during the event please, but all family and friends are very welcome to come and support!

2012/ 13 season team registrations, June 2012: We will probably communicate with parents of players that have confirmed they would like to be in one of the teams next season, see below, during June, to sort out any registrations that are necessary.

2012/ 13 season kick off ! Saturday 1st Sept, at Symington’s, 09.30am as usual.


Thank you if you have already indicated to us whether or not your child/ children would like to play in a team next season. If you haven’t yet told us please reply to this email or drop us a text (07770 378798). We need to start planning in terms of things like league entries, managers and training space, so if we can get a good idea now it will really help us.

In the “Mini” section we have teams available for next season at Under 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s. Children can only play in the team they are one year under the age group of at 31 August 2012, eg if you are 6 yrs old at 31 August 2012 you would (only) be able to play in the Under 7’s.

We would also really like to create an Under 11’s team but we need at least one parent to volunteer to manage this team and we also need a few more children to join the club at this age group, although we know of several that would join if there was a manager.


Have you lost anything at training? We have a selection of various items, anything not claimed tomorrow will be given to a charity shop.


Please don’t throw away your child’s old boots and/ or shin pads over the summer, bring them to us next season and we’ll hopefully recycle them to another child.


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